In accordance with the statutes of the CEDR, its officers are elected by the General Assembly of the CEDR, which takes place every two years. The President is appointed for a 2 year term. The remaining officers are appointed for a 4 year term.


Mr. Geoff WHITTAKER, United Kingdom

General Delegate

Prof. Dr. Roland NORER, Switzerland

General Secretary

Dr. Leticia BOURGES, Italy

General Treasurer

Mr. Hannes KRONAUS, Austria

Consultant – Coordinator for European Institutions

President of Honour

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dieter SCHWEIZER, Germany


Mr. Luc BODIGUEL, France


Mrs. Alessandra DI LAURO, Italy

General Delegate Assistant

Prof. Dr. Rudy GOTZEN, Belgium

General Delegate Assistant

Prof. Dr. Michael CARDWELL, United Kingdom

General Delegate Assistant

First Vice–President

Prof. Dr. Esther MUÑIZ ESPADA, Spain