CEDR Congress 2011 Bucharest

The 26th CEDR congress will be held in Bucharest, Romania, from 21st to 24th September 2011.

Commission I
Agriculture and the requirements of a sustainable development
President : Prof. Dr. Mircea DUTU
General Reporter : Prof. Dr. Marilena ULIESCU

Commission II
Allocation and protection of rural land
President : Prof. Dr. Erkki HOLLO
General Reporter : Prof. Dr. Erkki HOLLO

Commission III
Development of agricultural Law in the EU, in countries and in the WTO
This topic is a permanent one in congresses and establish a continuing framework
President : Prof. Dr. Joseph HUDAULT
General Reporter : Prof. Dr. Roland NORER

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Click on this link for the Conclusions of the work of the Commissions in the three languages of CEDR - English, French and German.

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