CEDR Congress 2009 Cambridge

The 25th Congress of the Comité Européen de Droit Rural was hosted by the UK Agricultural Law Association in Cambridge, England from 23rd to 27th September 2009.

Discussions took place in three Commissions as follows:

Commission I
Legal incentives and legal obstacles to diversification for farmers

Commission II
Legal forms for farm enterprises, taking into account traditional and industrial farming

Commission III
Scientific and practical development of agricultural law in the EU, in nations and in the WTO

Click on the Commission headers above to view the papers submitted.

Click on this link for the Conclusions of the work of the Commissions in the three languages of CEDR - English, French and German.

The General Reports of the Commissions and the Synthesis Report of the Congress will be published in book form during 2010 by L'Harmattan of Paris. An announcement will appear on this site when the book is available.