Congresses and Scientific meetings


The CEDR has held Congresses in alternate years since 1961.

Usually each Congress has been organised by the national association(s) from the country in which it is held.

It is the main event for the CEDR members, with enthusiastic contributions from national associations and from individual contributors. The aim is to assess the problems and concerns facing rural businessmen in each jurisdiction so as to elaborate a conclusion on the state of application of the law and on challenges, as well as to seek ways in which trans-national law may be better framed for the benefit of all citizens.

The CEDR is grateful to the organisers of each of the Congresses, for the hard work and dedication necessary to organise such an event.

Scientific meetings

Apart from the Congresses, the CEDR holds other scientific meetings.

The most important in this second group are the symposia, the first of which took place in 1982.

They are not held regularly, but provide an opportunity to discuss live and immediate issues related to particular concern.

Also, to coincide with meetings of the Board of Management scientific sessions are occasionally organised.

As with Congresses, the CEDR appreciates always the hard work and dedication on the part of the organisers of these scientific meetings.