CEDR Congress 2013 Lucerne

The 27th CEDR congress will be held in Lucerne, Switzerland, from 11th to 14th September 2013.

Commission I
Legal status of cohabitees and their children in the agricultural enterprise
President : Philippe HAYMOZ, Lawyer, Agricultural Institute State of Fribourg
General Reporter : Dr. iur. Michael BURKARD, Fürsprecher, Berne

Commission II
Legal framework of environmental Law for agricultural production
President : Dr. Jean-Baptiste MILLARD, Lawyer
General Reporter : Prof. Dr. Erkki HOLLO, University of Helsinki

Commission III
Scientific and practical development of rural Law in the EU, in States and regions and in the WTO
President : Prof. Prof. Dr. Esther Muñiz ESPADA, University of Valladolid
General Reporter : Prof. Dr. Michael CARDWELL, University of Leeds

Click on this link for the Conclusions of the work of the Commissions in the three languages of CEDR - English, French and German.

Synthesis Report
Questionnaire Commission I
Questionnaire Commission II
Questionnaire Commission III