Røros Commission I

The right to adequate food – selected legal aspects

President: Prof. Dr. Paolo BORGHI, Italy
General Rapporteur: Dr. Juris h.c. Asbjørn EIDE, Norway

General report – Dr. Juris h.c. Asbjørn EIDE

Nationals Reports
Argentina Dra. María Adriana VICTORIA
Dra. Claudia ZEMAN
Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero
Germany Regierungsdirektor Dr. Ludwig NELLINGER
Italy Eleonora SIRSI
Netherlands Prof. dr. B.M.J. VAN DER MEULEN, University of Wagningen
Dr. F.M.C. VLEMMINX, Tilburg University
Norway Adviser Marianne SMITH
Royal Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Oslo
Poland Malgorzata KORZYCKA-IWANOW
University of Warsaw
Romania Gherghe AURELIAN
Ecological University, Bucharest
Spain Prof. Alberto BALLARIN MARCIAL
President, Spanish Association for Agricultural Law
United Kingdom Eleanor PINFOLD