Scientific Sessions

2014 – 31 January – Scientific Session 2014/1

BERLIN, Germany

Prof. Dr. Iur. Dieter Schweizer - Prof. Dr. Iur. Roland Norer - Dr. Georg Häusler
(Chief of Cabinet, European Commission, Cabinet of Mr.CIOLOS)
Dr. Rudolf Mögele (Deputy Director General, European Commission, Directorate General AGRI)
Prof.Dr.Iur. Rüdiger Stotz
(General Director of the Library and Scientific Service at the European Court of Justice (ECJ))
Mr. Herbert Dorfmann (European Parliament, COMAGRI)

2012 – 31 March – Scientific Session 2012/1

PARIS, France

The complexity in rural space management.(Dr. Carole HERNANDEZ ZAKINE)
Considerations on legal protection of rural space in occasion of a recent affair. (Prof. Dr. Joseph HUDAULT)
The revalorization of rural space by the immaterial cultural patrimony protection.(Prof. Dr. Esther MUÑIZ ESPADA)
Law on OGM : fired disputes, warm reform.(Dr. Luc BODIGUEL)
Considerations on the American agriculture pillars. (Conseiller Daryl A. BREHM)

2011 – 2 April – Scientific Session 2011/1

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands

Food Law: Present relevant topics. (Prof. Bernd VAN DER MEULEN - Ms.Irene SCHOLTEN )
CAP: implementation and executions in the different EU countries (M. R.P. Lapeere )
Rural development and territorial cohesion through the new agricultural functions. Prof.. Esther MUÑIZ ESPADA

2008 – 30 May – Scientific Session 2008/1

LUZERN, Switzerland

Expériences avec l'AOC en Suisse à l'exemple du Gruyère AOC
Droit de la concurrence et droit agraire
Ländliche Entwicklung in Österreich – Säule der GAP als tragendes Element der Agrarfürderung in Österreich
The Emmentaler Cheese – match: a cross pass between Austrian, Swiss and European law
Évolution de la politique agricole suisse jusqu'à un éventuel accord de libre échange agroalimentaire avec l'UE

2007 - 18 January – Scientific Session 2007/1

BERLIN, Germany

EU agricultural policy from the perspective
of the Federal Governement and objectives of the German Presidency
The Future of the CAP in the light of the globalisation
Vision of the European Commission on the promotion of the rural areas
L'entreprise agricole face à l'évolution de la PAC
A comparative look at the Agricultural Policy in Switzerland and in the European Union

2006 - 20 September – Scientific Session 2006/2

PARIS, France

L'évolution et les fondements actuels du droit rural
Professorial chairs in agricultural law in Europe – special qualification for lawyers in the field of agricultural, land and environmental law

2006 - 3 February – Scientific Session 2006/1


First experiences of the implementation of the new revision of the CAP

2005 - 2 September – Scientific Session 2005/1


The CAP and its implementation in the member States
Gradual renationalisation of the CAP
Issues of national interest : diffuse pollution,
agrarian cases in the practice of the Supreme Administrative Court