XXX European Congress and Colloquium of Rural Law

Commission I – Food Sovereignity and food security: concepts and legal framework

President: Prof. Dr. Luigi RUSSO, University of Ferrara
General Reporter: Prof. Dr. Anikó RAISZ, University of Miskolc


Commission I conclusions

Commission II – Protection of Cultivated Land: Rural Planning Law and Agricultural property and Real Estate Law

President: Prof. Dr. hab. Aleksander LICHOROWICZ, Universytet Jagielloński
General Reporter: Dr. Paweł BLAJER, Universytet Jagielloński


Commission II conclusions

Commission III – Significant current developments in Rural Law

President: Prof. em. Margaret Rosso GROSSMAN, University of Illinois
General Reporter: Dr. Jeroen RHEINFELD, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen


Commission III conclusions

Congress synthesis report (presentation version)

Colloquium – The Reform of the C.A.P.

Prof. Dr. Rudolf MÖGELE, Brussels
Dr. Christian BUSSE, Bonn
Prof. em. Dr. Paul RICHLI, Lucerne

Outline of CAP reform (Dr. Christian Busse)
Content and scope of the environmental component (Dr. Christian Busse)
The strategic plans (Prof. Dr. Rudolf Mögele)
CAP reform from the Swiss point of view – Paper (Prof.em.Dr, Paul Richi)
CAP reform from the Swiss point of view – Slides (Prof.em.Dr, Paul Richi)
Flexibility contra distortion of competition – Slides (Prof.em.Dr, Paul Richi)
UK agricultural policies post-Brexit (Dr. Ludivine Petetin)

Congress Party – click for full image

Click here for video of Congress

(produced by the Polish Association for Agricultural Law)


The event is finished.


Sep 18 - 21 2019


All Day

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